Update: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

This. Book. Was. Bananas.

I’m talking Pyscho meets The Shining. Truthfully, it is unlike anything I have ever read which made it refreshing (even though it gave me immense anxiety).

I read all 210 pages in one day, I just couldn’t put it down.

The main character is a woman who begins a romantic relationship with this guy, Jake. She is an independent person who prefers to be alone and really struggles with the concept of dating someone she has already decided she wants to break up with (thus the: I’m thinking of ending things.)

See, this woman believes that thoughts are more true than actions because “you can’t fake a thought”. And from the moment she has the thought of ending things, she begins doubting everything. Meanwhile, she explains how connected she feels to Jake and how much she enjoys spending time with him.

So in an attempt to figure things out, she agrees to meet his parents and they embark on a road trip to his family’s farm. I’m not going to lie – majority of this book takes place in the car. But their conversation is important and thought provoking so I personally didn’t even notice that scene wasn’t changing.

And then, they arrive at the house and everything unravels. I’ll spare most of the details because it is all part of a massive plot twist. The pieces of the puzzle are at the house but I didn’t put them together until later.

Let’s just say, Jake isn’t what he seems and his parents – especially his mother – are out of touch with reality and suddenly everything in the woman’s life quickly starts to unravel into one stinking hot mess.

The climax left my heart racing and the ending left me contemplating the severity and the weight of “truly being alone”.

I give this book at 5/5.


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